Massimo Marziali srl is the professional studio administered since 2004 by Massimo Marziali Designer that deals with:

E-Mail Marketing | Digital Customer Acquisition Concept| B2B and B2C Development | Design | Render | Engineering | Naming | Branding | Coordinated Paper |  Newsletter | Packaging | Web Management

Nowadays the aim of the studio, in 2016, is just to make your working activity grow in terms of recognizability, high design value and, consequently, revenue.

Massimo Marziali srl is only concentrated in favouring the constitution, development, consolidation and growth of your business activity.

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Massimo Marziali Designer’s studio active in Montevarchi – Tuscany since 2004, today counts on polyedrics competences: it exploits the factual and daily collaboration of 3D designers, graphics, marketing operators, strategy and rendering clerks. Everyone of these valued and recognized technicians uses  special devices present in the studio.
The team, actually composed by 7 professionals with expertise in their respective competence sectors, is wisely directed and coordinated by the founder of the studio: Mr Massimo Marziali, designer and first-rate planner.

In this process one conceives the product strategy,
its market positioning, its shape and, no less, its materials and its kind of constructive technology.


This process consists in the realization of virtual photos of the new product: by doing this one can test its aesthetic efficacy and its liking to the audience before its distribution.

                                         ENGINEERING >>>                                                     This is a process of fundamental importance for the company that produces and distributes the product. The team at the disposal of Massimo Marziali Designer realizes constructible pictures and files considering the employable technologies and the realization costs.

Idealization of the name and brand on the basis of the merchandise area of the new product and the positioning one can give to the product itself in its reference market. Ideation of advertising campaigns.

On the basis of the advertising campaigns that you desire,

the product brand you created,

we members of Massimo Marziali Designer team will make the more adequate pictures and videos.

With the photografic material appositely realized, the devised advertising campaigns, we will realize the brand new website, of great aesthetic impact, improving the quality perceived by customers.

In this phase we will study and find, with your collaboration, the most appropriate paper supports to sell your products/services. Thus, Massimo Marziali Designer team will design catalogues and whatever kind of coordinated paper of very high aesthetic value with excellent finishes.

All the proceedings we described till now, won’t produce any benefit unless advertising campaigns would be developed, also through the main social network websites, aimed at the spreadth and recnognizability of its products to your referrence audicnce.

(Italiano) Massimo Marziali: il rivoluzionario E-Mailing e Legalmail Digital Marketing

Creation mailing lists and newsletters

with the whole coordinated image built till now.

This messasages are essential customer retender of your business activity.


APPS >>>
In the 2.0 Web epoch, we of Massimo Marziali Designer team are capable of create and manage all service, image and product applications of whom your business activity needs. The APPS we create contemplates payments and collectings too.

We of Massimo Marziali Designer studio know well that the products on the trade nowadays are more and more high-tech. As a matter of fact, in our time a good product to be said such as must have a graphic display and an interactive screen.

For each of the processes and, therefore, issues discussed in the previous points, European notices are in vigour with grant from 50 to 75%. Massimo Marziali Designer studio is equipped for the writing of the participation form to apply to these notices.


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