The studio

In a pure environment of Tuscany

The place of inspiration

The place of inspiration

In the heart of Tuscany, the studio is situated in the centre of the magic cultural and artisanal triangle existing between the cities of Florence, Arezzo e Siena and it is within easy reach from Valdarno exit toll of the A1 motorway.

In the premises of Massimo Marziali Srl there is one of the biggest Italian fashion districts, including Prada headquarters, together with numerous shoes factories suppliers of several brands, such as Valentino, Gucci, Ferragamo, just to quote some of them.

Our professional studio is situated in the premises of leading companies of the interior design sector (such as Casprini Holding, BRF, Edra, Segis, Effeti Kitchens…) and, not least, qualified suppliers in the production of metal sheets, carpentry, molds, etc.