Aqua Chiara Bottles

About This Project

Massimo Marziali Designer – created the Concept Design of the brand new bottle range by ACQUACHIARA, producted by the prestigious namesake company whose Italian headquarters are located in Piedmont in Vigliano Biellese village (BI).

Massimo Marziali Designer – was appointed by AQUACHIARA, renowned Italian company leader in the water ultra-filtering and the trading of it in bottles and carafes addressed to international high-level catering structures, to create a new online booking. The galss bottles of AQUACHIARA series, contrarily to normal plastic bottles, can be reused indefinitely, don’t alter the taste of ultra-filtered water and are enriched by the inimitable and fascinating designs and shapes given by Massimo Marziali Designer’s unequalled imagination.

Concept design, Foto & Video