Dooid Software

About This Project

Massimo Marziali Designer – was appointed by the renowned Rimmontech Srl software house in Empoli (FI) to make the graphics interface of the alrady famous DOOID hotel bookings ERP. Especially, this Empoli company asked Massimo Marziali that the software can be used with the same use easiness both through PCs and mobile devices; then it needed that the Software Graphic Interface must be well-defined and doesn’t shell or differ in quality in the uses in different devices fix or mobile.

Massimo Marziali Designer – met itsa customers’requests through the development of HTML, CSS, Skin programmings and also the formulation of the strategy functioning programme .

Massimo Marziali Designer – contributed to give birth to an aesthetically pleasant software, with icons and commands easily noticeable and apt to be used both from fixed and mobile devices.

Massimo Marziali Designer – urges you to surf through Rimmontech website to download the programme he contributed to realize




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