About This Project

Massimo Marziali Designer – cares about every step of the intermediate working phase between the project of a product (utility model/invention) and its production and trading.

After the writing of the project, that is after the physical realization of one or more prototypes of the manufact, simple or complex it is, Massimo Marziali Designer follows in total agreement with the producer the engineering phase of the product, necessary to make little corrections to the initial project. These modifications, albeit non substantial,  anyway have the intent to improve the characteristics of the product and, in the meanwhile, put into practice better technical solutions, aimed at reducing to the minimum the time necessary to their assembling in the production phase and also facilitating the upkeeping of the found once brought about. In this phase Massimo Marziali Designer chooses in perfect union with the customer what appearance give to the product the highest liking possible.

Thanks to Massimo Marziali Designer and his strong sense of concreteness, the producer/dealer of the product will reach a good engineering of it at low costs and within short time terms.

Concept design, engineering