Idraulica Nannelli

About This Project

Massimo Marziali Designer – has idealized, realized and managed, continuosly renewing its contents,  the official website of the renowned Nannelli Hydraulics Comapany. Establish in 1960 in Florence Nannelli, with its approxiamtely 20 collaborators spread in the whole Tuscan territory, it is nowadays the undisputable leader in the installment of hydro-thermo-hygiene machines, hydraulics plants apps, conditioning and bathroom furniture.


Massimo Marziali Designer – was appointed by this Florentine company to make a website responsive to the business needs of expanding its already numerous fidelized clientele in the Florentine, Valdisieve and Upper Valdarno areas and the remaining part of the regional and national territory.


Massimo Marziali Designer – idealized and created a website with a clear interface and, in the meanwhile, highly indicative of the efficency of the services provided by Nannelli company through the definition of Contacts highly intuitive and with simple accessibility.


Massimo Marziali Designer – daily cares for this company leader in its sector, Marketing customized actions (Micromarketing, one-to-one Marketing, Guerriglia Marketing) aimed at enhancing the visibility and, therefore, the company name on the Web (search engines, social networks, advertising mesages websites, virtual communities, forums) and also to find new customers and suppliers in the whole regional and national territories.


Massimo Marziali Designer – that’s the appreciated realization contributing in a factual way to the success of Nannelli Idraulica company>